Noise Radiation Studios does mastering work - BUT... only on an EXTREMELY limited basis. If you know me and need me, you know how to contact me. If you don't know me yet, sorry, I'm not taking new work at the moment... though that may change soon (and the old Noise Radiation Studios website will be restored). I have been very busy though - working on some major studio upgrades that I'm confident will lift my mastering work to the highest level. The upgrades will be completed very soon, so hopefully I can share more info with all of you in the near future. I'm looking forward to being able to serve you guys once again to the best of my ability. Thanks for your patience and interest people - keep up the amazing music creation that so many of you are doing!!! I love to hear your work. Our love of music and reaching into people's souls is really what it's all about! Much love and hope to all of you!!!
-Todd Loomis