Noise Radiation Studios does mastering work - BUT... only on an EXTREMELY limited basis. I am super super busy with other things in life, so unless some kind of miracle happens that gives me more free time, I cannot devote much time to Noise Radiation Studios. I DO enjoy the work occasionally though, and I am always researching and experimenting with better and better ways to master audio, so I will try to help people if/when I can. Please understand though, that for me to work on your stuff is a major committment for me - because I am not interested in doing mediocre work (I like to devote whatever extra time is required to really make every project I work on the best I'm capable of)... and my life is just jam-packed with other stuff. I will only take on your project if/when I have time to truly do it right... Thanks for your patience and interest people - keep up the amazing music creation that so many of you are doing!!! I love to hear your work. Our love of music and reaching into people's souls is really what it's all about! Much love and hope to all of you!!!
-Todd Loomis